April 2015 – Symantec’s Power Eraser Tool

April 2015 – Symantec’s Power Eraser Tool


Recent media reports about the Beebone/Changeup “malware” may have prompted some computer users to determine if they are affected. One tool for detecting and removing such malware is the Power Eraser from Symantec.

Symantec’s Power Eraser Tool may cause parts of your SCADA system to stop functioning properly. Running the Tool will identify the following list of SCADA programs as “unsafe” malware and will offer to remove them:

  • ccodata
  • omstweetsvc
  • portalweb
  • portaldmz
  • onlevents
  • stcexplorer
  • opcsv
  • tlchck
  • wmp
  • smartvu2
  • agctrn
  • onlanal
  • onlstat
  • onltext


While the process can be undone, it is recommended that you do not use this Tool on your system. Please notify support if you have used this tool so they can better diagnose and repair your system.

More Info
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