Key Takeaways from UC 2018

Another user conference has come and gone and, looking back, we couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. More than anything, we’re struck by the eagerness of our attendees to learn and participate, and by the sheer amount of […] Bring on the Renewables: Ensuring Grid Stability in the Era of Decentralization

From demanding renewable energy options to generating their own electricity, customers are taking an unprecedented interest in the source of their electricity. At the same time, all around the world, governments are setting mandatory renewable energy targets. This is a […] Tips & Tricks for optimizing alarms in SurvalentONE SCADA

Whether it’s an open circuit breaker or a tree on a line, unplanned issues are always going to crop up in utility operations. In these situations, time is of the essence to identify issues and keep the grid operating as […] Smart devices and DERs: how will their data impact utilities?

Without question, some of the greatest challenges faced by the utility sector in the last decade have been brought by on the exponential increase in available data. Communication technologies and smart sensors are generating massive amounts of data and the […] Change is coming: standards and regulations in the age of DERs

Change is coming: standards and regulations in the age of DERs New opportunities and new challenges. Thanks to the rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DER), electric cars, and the IoT, electricity providers are encountering plenty of both. All around […] The road to renewable: how and why the power industry is changing

The road to renewable: how and why the power industry is changing Renewable energy is an undeniable force of change in the power industry. It’s altering the way governments, utilities, and consumers think about energy and it’s forcing power companies […] The rise of DERs and the decentralized grid

Utilities around the globe have reached a critical juncture. New, increasingly accessible technologies have challenged the traditional electricity distribution model. Utilities have two choices now: adapt their business and operating models to stay relevant or risk becoming a supporting player […] Tips & Tricks for using SmartVU’s Trend Graphs

The surest way to prevent outages is to address issues before they occur. That requires access to real-time feeder data, historical data points, and baseline indices so you can identify when your network is trending toward an overload or breakdown […] Tips to help you quickly generate reports in SurvalentONE SCADA

Utilities run on information. Every day, millions of data points are recorded from a wide range of devices and everyday operators run reports on that data. It’s a vital process so we feel it’s important that generating reports is fast […] Cost is king & reliability is expensive

It’s exciting time to be in the electric utility industry with all of the technology advancements that are available today. The challenge, though, is how to filter through the many choices to make wise selections that ultimately meet the needs […]