Schematic Generator (Generador de Esquemáticos) para Operaciones de SuicheoSuicheo más Rápidas y Sencillas

El tiempo es un recurso muy valioso en la sala de control. Los minutos pueden ser especialmente críticos cuando las operaciones de suicheosuicheo y transferencia de carga son necesarias. Por ese motivo, nos complace anunciar una nueva aplicación complementaria para […] ¿Costoso, complejo y consume mucho tiempo? Disipando los mitos sobre FLISR y LOV

Las empresas de servicios públicos en todo el mundo están bajo presión para garantizar un suministro confiable de energía de alta calidad a sus clientes. Implementando Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) (Localización de Fallas, Aislamiento y Restauración del […] Vengan las Energías Renovables: Garantizar la Estabilidad de la Red en la Era de la Descentralización

Desde la demanda de opciones de energía renovable hasta la generación de su propia electricidad, los clientes están mostrando un interés sin precedentes por el origen de su electricidad. Al mismo tiempo, en todo el mundo, los gobiernos están estableciendo […] New Product Alert: Schematic Generator for Faster, Easier Switching Operations

Time is a precious commodity in the control room. Minutes can be particularly critical when switching and load transfer operations are necessary. Schematic Generator is an add-on application for SmartVU that improves the ease and efficiency of switching and load […] Expensive, complex, and time-consuming? Dispelling the myths about FLISR and LOV.

Utilities throughout the world are under pressure to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality power to their customers. Deploying Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR) is one of the most reliable ways to do so. With FLISR, you can […] 5 Reasons You Need an Offline Development Environment

Did you know that human error is responsible for 70% of all data loss? That’s a particularly disturbing statistic for the utility industry, when administrators import data from other systems and update the database and graphics on a daily basis. […] Bring on the Renewables: Ensuring Grid Stability in the Era of Decentralization

From demanding renewable energy options to generating their own electricity, customers are taking an unprecedented interest in the source of their electricity. At the same time, all around the world, governments are setting mandatory renewable energy targets. This is a […] Smart devices and DERs: how will their data impact utilities?

Without question, some of the greatest challenges faced by the utility sector in the last decade have been brought by on the exponential increase in available data. Communication technologies and smart sensors are generating massive amounts of data and the […] Change is coming: standards and regulations in the age of DERs

Change is coming: standards and regulations in the age of DERs New opportunities and new challenges. Thanks to the rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DER), electric cars, and the IoT, electricity providers are encountering plenty of both. All around […] Proactively resolve outages with advanced outage management capabilities

Outages may be a fact of life but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless against them. With the right information and communication capabilities in your outage management system, your control center can play an active role in minimizing their frequency, duration, […]