Vengan las Energías Renovables: Garantizar la Estabilidad de la Red en la Era de la Descentralización

Desde la demanda de opciones de energía renovable hasta la generación de su propia electricidad, los clientes están mostrando un interés sin precedentes por el origen de su electricidad. Al mismo tiempo, en todo el mundo, los gobiernos están estableciendo […] Reducing Residential Outages Has Never Been So Critical

Never before has it been as important to reduce the impact of outages on your residential customers. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the majority of society is working, learning, and sheltering at home without any immediate end in sight. In […] Centralized versus decentralized FLISR – what’s right for your network?

Fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) is a software application that reroutes powers in the event of a fault to restore power to as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible. Service restoration times range from sub-second to […] 5 Reasons You Need an Offline Development Environment

Did you know that human error is responsible for 70% of all data loss? That’s a particularly disturbing statistic for the utility industry, when administrators import data from other systems and update the database and graphics on a daily basis. […] Bring on the Renewables: Ensuring Grid Stability in the Era of Decentralization

From demanding renewable energy options to generating their own electricity, customers are taking an unprecedented interest in the source of their electricity. At the same time, all around the world, governments are setting mandatory renewable energy targets. This is a […] The road to renewable: how and why the power industry is changing

The road to renewable: how and why the power industry is changing Renewable energy is an undeniable force of change in the power industry. It’s altering the way governments, utilities, and consumers think about energy and it’s forcing power companies […] Cost is king & reliability is expensive

It’s exciting time to be in the electric utility industry with all of the technology advancements that are available today. The challenge, though, is how to filter through the many choices to make wise selections that ultimately meet the needs […] Proactively resolve outages with advanced outage management capabilities

Outages may be a fact of life but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless against them. With the right information and communication capabilities in your outage management system, your control center can play an active role in minimizing their frequency, duration, […] Put the ‘control’ back into your control room

It’s a challenging time to be a utility. Severe weather events are increasingly common and technology is placing more demands on your utility than ever before. At the same time, customer expectations for reliable power have never been higher. We […]