Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Whether you’re new to using Survalent’s software or need a refresher course, we offer a range of instructor-led courses designed to help you learn the key features, tips and tricks and application uses. Courses are offered at our training facility in Canada, onsite, at our regional workshops or at our Global User Conference.

Course Catalog

SCADA System: Level 1

Over a 4 ½ day period, students will be introduced to the operational concepts of real-time SCADA systems, and learn about the SurvalentONE SCADA application. This course will explore network communications, basic databases, and graphic user interfaces (GUI), in addition to trouble-shooting techniques, and maintenance procedures, and is suitable for students new to SCADA and those interested in a refresher.

36 PDH or CEU credit hours and a certificate will be earned by successful students.

Prerequisite: Windows OS navigation skills. Experience with a Survalent SCADA system will be helpful.

Course Dates Country Location Registration Status
March 27-31, 2017 Canada Brampton, ON Closed
April 24-28, 2017 Indonesia Jakarta Closed
July 17-21, 2017 US Nashville, TN Closed
October 16-20, 2017 Canada Brampton, ON Closed

SCADA System: Level 2

The Level 2 course provides in-depth coverage of advanced SurvalentONE SCADA topics. Over a 4 ½ day period, students will learn to configure and trouble-shoot the application, and get hands on experience with database and graphics optimization, commands, and reports. Additional components covered included the IED Wizard control panel, SCADA server tools, and the virtual RTU. Upon successful completion, students earn a Level 2 Certificate of Completion, and 36 PDH or CEU credit hours.


Prerequisite: SCADA System Training—Level 1. Equivalent proficiency must include comfort with development of DB & GUI files, which are covered in Level 1 and not repeated in Level 2.

Course Dates Country Location Registration Status
April 3-7, 2017 Canada Brampton, ON Closed
Oct 23-27, 2017 Canada Brampton, ON Closed

OMS System Course

Administrators receive an intensive 4.5-day hands-on training experience, covering all aspects of the SurvalentONE OMS system. Participants will gain the experience and skills necessary to configure their own system. Successful students receive a Certificate of Completion with 32 PDH or CEU credit hours.

Prerequisites:  Completion of Level 1 and Level 2 SCADA courses. Experience with an HMI or SCADA system is beneficial.

DMS System Course

Available in 1 or 2-week course options. This course provides an intensive hands-on training experience. Administrators of DMS systems will learn about the setup and maintenance of DMS components (FLISR, VVO, DVR or RLS). Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Completion with adequate PDH or CEU credit hours.

Prerequisites: Level 1 & Level 2 SCADA courses.

Custom Training Courses

A range of advanced course modules can be combined to create a curriculum covering 1 to 4 days. One of our training specialists will guide help you develop the right content and delivery options that meet your organization’s needs. Instructor led and operator training options are available. Custom course topics include:

  • STC Replicator, Historian, WebSurv & SurvCentral
  • IED Wizard & Control Panel
  • Topology Processor, FLISR & Load Flow
  • OMS
  • Advanced Calculations (Command Sequence), Editing, Alarming, Reporting (SAI)
  • RTU/Data Concentrator
  • MultiSpeak Interfaces to AMR, EA, LM, GIS, OA
  • SmartVU graphics editor
  • Developers Course (Standard and Customized)

Operator Training for SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS & DMS Applications

This 1.5 to 3-day hands-on course is designed for network Dispatcher or Operator personnel who operate SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS or DMS applications. The instructor provides an overview of the customer’s system architecture, and will discuss basic concepts for collecting data and controlling field devices in real-time. The course is typically delivered at the user’s site and customized to the operating environment.

Regional Workshops

The Regional Workshops are unique three-day events for Survalent users and select guests, designed to provide a quick review of foundational database and graphics concepts, and training on key advanced applications. The workshops also provide opportunities for networking and sharing best-practices with other users.

Survalent Global User Conference

The Survalent Global User Conference is the premier event where customers from around the world come to ensure that they’re getting the most from their investment in Survalent technology.

This year, the first 2 days of the conference focuses on accelerating your knowledge of – and building your expertise in – SurvalentONE SCADA, DMS, and OMS solutions with hands-on training sessions. The following 2 days are geared toward providing insights and advice on how to improve operational efficiencies, customer relations, and network reliability. You’ll learn about new innovations, hear real-life success stories from other utilities, provide feedback on future product direction, and a lot more.

You will:

  • Transform your skills through a broad range of hands-on training sessions that focus on best practices and tips
  • Discover new solutions that will help your utility operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations more effectively
  • Learn about the future drivers for success for utilities
  • Hear from leading utilities about how they’ve leveraged people, processes, and technology to transform their operations
  • Network with other users and share best practices
  • Provide input on Survalent’s product development plans
  • Get specific technical questions answered by the Survalent team
  • Meet with Survalent’s extensive network of industry partners

Survalent Global User Conference Dates

Course Dates Country Location Registration Status
Sept 24-27, 2018 USA Destin, FL Coming Soon