Contact Us – The 100% guaranteed, low-risk path to grid resilience

The 100% guaranteed, low-risk path to grid resilience

Prepare for ADMS Success with Strategic Systems Selection

In this webinar replay hosted by T&D World, Cobb EMC shares their experience on switching ADMS providers. You’ll hear Eddie Facey, Supervisor of Real-Time Systems at Cobb EMC, describe how Cobb EMC evaluated ADMS vendors and products to modernize and future-proof their control room. You’ll learn:

  • How Cobb EMC identified that a system replacement was required
  • The rationale behind their roadmap priorities for ADMS software beyond SCADA
  • The competitive evaluation process Cobb followed to identify the best vendors and products
  • Best practices and lessons learned during Cobb’s evaluation process that you can use when looking to future-proof via grid modernization initiatives

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