Optional Advanced Applications

Optional Advanced

Advanced Historian

The SurvalentONE Advanced Historian is a high-speed historian that can collect by exception historical data of all points from the SurvalentONE ADMS including the operator summary. This data can be used by existing SurvalentONE ADMS applications, built-in visualization tools of the Advanced Historian, or third-party applications can interface to access the historical data. The Advanced Historian can also support high-availability to ensure that the data is always available.

Offering an integrated platform for real-time, streaming and collection of historical data, Advanced Historian uses proven database technology to seamlessly analyze the utility’s network behavior in greater detail for improved system reliability. It can rapidly ingest and validate raw data from millions of sensors and trillions of records, and uses business rules in estimations to deliver high-quality granular and aggregated data for analytics, operations, and billing. Users can perform calculations, aggregations, and queries on the fly, using real-time streaming and historical data, and visualize data in reports and dashboards. The Advanced Historian supports utilities with large storage requirements and those who need advanced performance applications, making it easier to manage intermittent and variable distributed energy resources such as solar panels, electricity storage, electric vehicles, and other controllable loads.

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Archiver Reporting Application (ARA)

The Archiver Reporting Application provides a web browser based interface to access and manipulate archived data. The application is installed on the Archiver server in order to access the archived data. Users have the option to display the information in tabular or graph format and the information can be exported to PDF reports or Microsoft Excel.

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Data Forwarding

The SurvalentONE SCADA system provides a means for the external support systems (PDS, QAS, OTS, etc.) to receive near-real-time data from the active control system, and forward it to external systems.  Data forwarded to the external systems includes all telemetered data, manually entered data, tags, limit overrides, and other.

GIS Import Software & Services

GIS Import Software
SurvalentONE GIS Wizard, import tools, and services let you integrate GIS data easily with SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS, and DMS applications to improve situational awareness, operational performance, and field crew safety. The end-to-end solution includes a user-friendly GUI to map GIS data to relevant fields, view information, and read reports. Robust validation capabilities help you ensure data is clean and accurate before it goes live in your system.

GIS Evaluation and Import services
GIS Evaluation and Import services are included in SurvalentONE GIS Import Software & Services solution. Our team of experts help you determine the fitness of your data, guide you through fixing errors, perform the initial import into your SurvalentONE ADMS database, and train your operators for future imports.

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Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

Operator Training Simulator (OTS) consists of a second independent copy of the ADMS system operating with simulation programs instead of scan tasks. The OTS application allows the instructor to maintain multiple copies of the database for training purposes.  It also has the ability to simutaneously execute multiple scripts to simulate various network conditions.

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Schematic Generator

The Schematic Generator allows operators to more efficiently perform their switching and load transfer operations. From a selected feeder, they can create on the fly, an interactive, as-operated schematic view that provides a clear, hierarchical visualization of the interconnected elements and devices for the feeder.

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Survalent Archiver

Archiver, a companion program to the Survalent Replicator, can be used to extend the historical data tables beyond the sizes imposed by the configuration of the SCADA system. The Archiver does this by transferring the data from the replicated tables into a parallel set of archive tables, and allowing the archive tables to grow to a much larger size, or even indefinitely.  The Archiver can be installed on multiple computers to provide multiple archiving services. Each instance of the Archiver can be configured to archive any combination of historical tables from the replicated database into another database.

Survalent Excel Add-In Application

The Survalent Excel application makes for a quick and efficient interface between the SCADA database and Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, so reports, graphs, and queries can be easily created. Once installed, a SCADA menu shows on the pull-down menu bar within Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Real-time point data (status and analog) as well as historical information are available through the Survalent Excel Add-In application.

Survalent Replicator

The Survalent Replicator is a client/server application that provides real-time data replication of the ADMS database to a SQL Server or Oracle database residing in a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The System Administrator can select the ADMS database tables, and any fields within those tables, to be replicated to the relational database in the DMZ. Historical data sets can also be replicated, so corporate users have access to near-real-time and historical data.


SurvCentral leverages the WebSurv application and infrastructure to provide tabular and graphical data for mobile devices running Apple iOS Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems (tablet or laptops). The application has a simplified system of menus that requires less memory and performs faster on mobile devices.

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Switch Orders & Guarantees

A switch order is a sequence of steps involving both switching operations and tags that produce conditions for which a guarantee may be issued.  Guarantees are database forms that allow the user to define, issue and surrender condition guarantees complete with tags (also known as clearances).

Topology Processor

Topology Processor is an application that calculates and displays the energized/de-energized status of network line sections in the SmartVU GUI. The calculation is based on the topology of the network and the current status of breakers, switches, and other circuit elements. For areas that are energized, Topology Processor also indicates where the network is paralleled or looped.


WebSurv is a powerful application which serves real-time SCADA information to users via a web browser, without the need for custom installation or maintenance. WebSurv allows corporate users to view any SmartVU graphical display, substation one-line, or tabular display.  Refresh of dynamic data, alarms, and graphics can be user defined and achieved on a periodic basis every few seconds.

Replicator is a requirement of WebSurv.

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