Survalent Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

To achieve the goals of a Smart Grid, electric utilities require highly reliable, accurate data acquisition and control in a substation to respond to real-time events with appropriate actions.  Survalent’s line of substation controller products, combined with SurvalentOne ADMS applications enable utilities worldwide to increase system reliability while reducing maintenance and other operational costs.

Working with utilities for over 50 years has given us a deep understanding of utility-specific requirements and a unique perspective of our customer base. We have tailored our products to our customer needs for substation automation. Our RTU’s – MINER-S Station Controller, and SCOUT-S Station Controller provide you with state-of-the-art performance, flexible architectures, and open standards such as IEC 61850 and DNP 3.0.

MINER-S Station Controller

The MINER-S Station Controller combines the functions of a traditional RTU with the functionality of a data concentrator, terminal server, and web server. With a balanced combination of I/O points and communication ports,


SCOUT-S Station Controller

The SCOUT-S Station Controller features multiple intelligent electronic device (IED) ports, modular I/O architecture, and the ability to monitor and control points that are connected directly to the unit. Our products offer a data concentrator, terminal server, and web server, combined with the components of a conventional RTU.