Survalent and Spirae Partner to Enable a More Reliable and Resilient Grid

Survalent and Spirae Partner to Enable a More Reliable and Resilient Grid

Integration of Survalent ONE and Spirae Wave® platforms allows utilities to effectively manage, optimize, and control distributed energy resources

SAN DIEGO, DistribuTECH 2017 — January 31, 2017 — The increasing proliferation of rooftop solar, small scale wind turbines, behind-the-meter battery storage technologies and energy-smart buildings has created significant challenges for utilities attempting to add all of these new distributed energy resources (DERs) to the grid. To give utilities a seamless and scalable solution to manage, optimize and control DERs, Survalent and Spirae today announced a partnership that will deliver a solution to track, monitor, control, and optimize those resources. Survalent’s ADMS platform, Survalent ONE, will be integrated with Spirae’s Wave DERMS solution to enable utilities to efficiently and reliably leverage DERs within their networks.

The solution allows utilities to manage the capabilities of both distributed generation and demand response resources through a common platform. By providing real-time situational awareness into a utility’s underlying distributed asset capabilities, the distribution network can be configured to meet specific operating needs or conditions. Advanced control and management features give utilities the ability to account for and mitigate issues associated with high impact DERs, such as frequency, voltage variations and overloads on network reliability.

Enhanced management of DERs offers a number of benefits to utilities. Outage restoration options can be enhanced using available DERs, load factors can be improved through load shaping, system losses can be minimized through phase balancing and capital expenditures can be deferred by managing congestion and circuit overloads.
“While the intermittent nature of DERs represents a challenge to utilities, they also represent an opportunity,” commented Young Ngo, chief technology officer at Survalent. “This solution allows utilities to better manage the operation of their distribution network and realize the benefits of increased DER penetration. We are pleased to partner with Spirae to bring this comprehensive solution to our global customer base.”

“Integrating our Wave® DERMS platform with Survalent’s ADMS simplifies DER management for electric utilities,” said Sunil Cherian, Spirae’s chief executive officer. “For the first time, utilities will be able to use a unified platform for managing grid-edge resources in concert with grid operations.”

About Spirae

Spirae’s Wave control platform provides a dynamically scalable architecture for integrating and managing high levels of renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) at the edge of the grid. Spirae’s Wave distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) includes peak shaving, energy shifting, virtual power plant, facility management, and real-time microgrid features such as import-export, transition to island, spinning reserve management, and resynchronization. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Spirae has developed, refined and validated its control platform and its menu of market-driven applications through numerous full scale and pilot projects in North America and Europe since 2002. To learn more, visit us at Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Survalent

Survalent is the most trusted provider of advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) for electric, transit, gas and water/wastewater utilities across the globe. Over 600 utilities in 30 countries rely on the SurvalentONE platform to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations. By supporting critical utility operations with a fully integrated solution, our customers have significantly improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and network reliability. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and to our customers has been the key to our success for over 50 years. To learn more, visit us at Follow us on Twitter @Survalent and LinkedIn.


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