Survalent Outage Management Commissioned by City of Medicine Hat

Survalent Outage Management Commissioned by City of Medicine Hat

Brampton, ON – March 16, 2016 – Survalent Technology, a leader in ADMS for utilities, has recently completed the implementation of a Survalent ONETM Outage Management System (OMS), for the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The OMS has been integrated into the utility’s existing Survalent Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) to improve response times and outage information for customers. The utility serves 30,000 customers within the City of Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore, Veinerville and surrounding rural areas.

The integration of Survalent OMS and SCADA will help improve operational efficiency and establish streamlined and standardized processes. In the event of an outage, it will be of a shorter duration, and the customer response can be significantly faster. The outage data and analytics will help the City of Medicine Hat to identify the cause and location of power outages. The field crews can be dispatched to the trouble area more quickly and efficiently to restore power.

With the OMS Customer Portal, the City of Medicine Hat anticipates reduced inbound phone calls. They are able to proactively share information in near real time. The Portal provides outage information updates in real-time to its customers, including geographic map indication of the outage areas, causes, and estimated power restoration times.

“We see the OMS as being the key to better using the information that is now available to improve service to our customers,” said Nigel Pimblett, Chief Engineer, City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility. “By integrating data from our GIS, CIS, and AMI systems we anticipate improved response time to outages, and the customer portal will enable us to keep customers informed on the status of restoration.”

The City of Medicine Hat now has greater capabilities to generate power outage reports and reliability indices. The OMS Report Generator streamlines and automates the outage data collection, editing, and validation. The City will be able to quickly share accurate information across the organization during an outage, resulting in a faster restoration process, and post-outage analysis.

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