Survalent SCADA Solution Implemented by Pennyrile Electric

Survalent SCADA Solution Implemented by Pennyrile Electric

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO — September 8, 2016 —Survalent Technology, a leading provider of ADMS systems, announced that Pennyrile Electric, an electric cooperative, has completed the implementation of a Survalent ONE™ SCADA system, that will enable the utility to have real-time monitoring and control of its power network. The system will assist the cooperative in its drive to provide reliable low-cost power to its 47,000 members in West Kentucky.

The utility’s new dual redundant SCADA adds resilience to its operations and energy distribution. It can significantly improve operations efficiency, and contribute to improved customer service and satisfaction. Survalent’s SmartVU user interface (GUI) brings state-of-the-art visualization to all system data, aiding staff in decision-making and network control. The WebSurv and SurvCentral applications provide access to the data in control room and mobile environments. “A major advantage of Survalent ONETM SCADA is how it places real-time information just a click away, enabling staff to quickly react to changing conditions,” said Steve Strauss, Regional Vice President at Survalent. “Pennyrile Electric now has a window into real-time system performance.”

The addition of the IED Wizard, Control Panel and GIS Wizard applications, ease and simplify, system use and configuration, leading to increased user productivity.

“We worked closely with Pennyrile Electric’s team to deliver a turnkey implementation,” said Steve Strauss at Survalent. “Our new project management tools allow for greater customer collaboration to successfully complete a project on-time. The training, database and graphics, and map importing services went smoothly, due to the focus and commitment of both teams.”

“From start to finish Pennyrile Electric has been very pleased with the performance of the product and the dedication to service that Survalent has provided,” said Anthony Ervin, Manager of Engineering at Pennryile. “If we had to choose again the decision would be a no brainer. “

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