Survalent Technology SCADA Deployed by Pioneer Electric

Survalent Technology SCADA Deployed by Pioneer Electric

Brampton, ON – March 23, 2016 – A Survalent ONETM supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) was recently deployed by Pioneer Electric, a non-profit cooperative that provides power to more than 16,500 members in west central Ohio. The new system will help modernize Pioneer’s network while delivering operational and business process benefits.

Pioneer Electric, founded in 1935, services over 2600 miles of power line covering 11 counties in Ohio. As Pioneer has evolved over time, it was essential that the next SCADA system fit the new requirements, while being adaptable to the future. The utility implemented a dual-redundant Survalent ONETM SCADA with a SmartVU advanced graphical user interface. The dual redundant configuration adds resilience to the utility’s operations and energy distribution, contributing to increased reliability and customer satisfaction. SCADA is a key pillar of the Survalent ONETM Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

The SCADA system provides Pioneer with an easy to use, standardized platform that is specifically designed to support the new operations and business processes of a modern cooperative utility. Deployed on a single scalable platform, it enables Pioneer, to gain immediate operational benefits, while creating a foundation to address future requirements.

“Survalent’s support has been very good through start-up,” said Lynn Maniaci, Manager of Technical Services, Pioneer Electric Coop, Inc. “The software has been great to work with as we have created basic displays and started master to remote checkouts. Survalent Technology provides flexibility in design, notation, and annunciation. Pioneer Electric is looking forward to completing its full scale implementation.”

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