SurvalentONE Advanced Historian

SurvalentONE Advanced Historian

Digital transformation and the smart grid have created exciting opportunities and daunting challenges for utilities. The amount of data collected by utilities daily is growing exponentially. This data can be leveraged by utilities to better prepare for events, proactively train new operators, increase reliability, and manage distributed energy resources more effectively.

To effectively leverage the data, utilities must create a single, secure source of truth for network data to get to the root of past events, understand current grid activities, and enable insight-driven decisions and actions.

The secure source of truth establishes a strong foundation for utilities to conduct data analysis, correlation, and visualizations to gain a deeper understanding of their network behaviour, increase situational awareness, and improve their event response.

The SurvalentONE Advanced Historian is a high-speed historian that lets utilities store, query, analyze, and visualize their historical data. The Advanced Historian collects and stores data from all the points in the SurvalentONE ADMS, including real-time monitoring and control of the grid and sensors deployed in distribution systems. When utilized as a single, secure source of truth, it helps utilities better understand network behavior, manage distributed energy resources, make more informed decisions, and improve reliability.

Using the Advanced Historian’s lightning-fast and intuitive query capabilities, utilities can retrieve data from the utility ecosystem, including third party applications, for use in computations, aggregations, forecasts, predictions, and for other analytics purposes. With Advanced Historian, users can query past event data, perform calculations and aggregations, view the results in tables or reports, and build custom, interactive visualizations of data to make more informed decisions. Users can also share data with other applications, including Study Mode or Playback, to better recognize and respond to events.

The Advanced Historian can drive business intelligence via complex, parameterized queries and instantaneous and meaningful visuals of the resulting data using a wide range of browser-based, customizable, and interactive screens, tables, dashboards, charts, maps, and more.

Why SurvalentONE Advanced Historian?

World’s fastest time-series database
Secure archive of network data
Stores trillions of records
Hardened for utilities

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