SurvalentONE OMS

SurvalentONE OMS

Outages are inevitable. The key to avoiding customer frustration and regulatory scrutiny is to manage them quickly and effectively. In today’s digital era, customers expect to be always connected and in-the-know. Utilities must ensure maximum uptime and instant access to information about outages, including the estimated time of restoration.

Locating the exact location of an outage manually is time-consuming, especially for large territories, which delays restoration and increases downtime. For customer service teams, this translates to fielding more customer inquiries, complaints, and reports of suspected outages that need to be investigated.

Utilities need an outage management system (OMS) that helps identify and isolate the fault location, enabling faster crew dispatch and restoration. They need transparency to help Customer Service handle customer inquiries. They also need automation to increase operational efficiency, deliver accurate and timely information to internal and external stakeholders, and proactively manage power outages.

SurvalentONE OMS is a comprehensive outage management solution that empowers utilities to reduce the scale and duration of outages through efficient tracking and management. The solution provides predictive outage analysis that helps operators determine the probable fault location so that field crew can quickly commence restoration activities.

SurvalentONE OMS enables transparency between the control room and field crew, as well as processes for rapid damage assessment, to ensure the right crews and equipment are dispatched at the onset of restoration.

SurvalentONE OMS integrates seamlessly with SurvalentONE SCADA and DMS applications to ensure that all applications share the same data. For example, FLISR events are automatically captured in the OMS. This ensures that all operators, dispatchers, customer service reps, and executive team members are equally informed about the status of outages and restoration activities, and all integrated applications are leveraging comprehensive, accurate data about the system. The solution’s enhanced customer communications capabilities include automated text messaging and social media update capabilities to provide customers with up-to-date outage information, including the estimated time of restoration and safety information.

Why SurvalentONE OMS?

Faster outage restoration
Improved SAIDI and SAIFI reliability indices
Increased transparency
Greater customer satisfaction

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Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative
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Oakville Hydro; SCADA, OMS