SurvalentONE Protection Settings Manager

SurvalentONE Protection Settings Manager

Monitoring a utility distribution network on a continuous basis is challenging. There is a lot that can interrupt power flow – unexpected faults, ongoing maintenance, and demand fluctuations, among other things.

When network reconfigurations are required, the control room is under immense pressure to evaluate all variables and successfully execute switch operations. Operators must then check protection relays and adjust them as necessary to avoid miscoordinations that could interrupt power flow.

To reduce the risk and increase efficiency, utilities need software that automatically monitors and updates relay protection settings based on the current network state.

SurvalentONE Protection Settings Manager provides centralized control over protection settings groups. Protection Settings Manager monitors the network grid continuously and applies the correct relay protection settings to the relays based on a rules-based process.

Protection Settings Manager seamlessly interfaces with a utility’s existing relays and supports both analog and digital protection settings groups. It updates relays properly after each network change and automatically maintains the appropriate relay settings to help keep the grid operating at peak efficiency.

By including Protection Settings Manager in the control room, utilities can save time during critical switching operations and increase grid efficiency and reliability.

Why SurvalentONE Protection Settings Manager?

Optimized Protection Settings
Greater Operational Efficiencies
Time savings and productivity gains
Increased grid efficiency and reliability

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