Renewable Energy

SurvalentONE Renewable Management System

In the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy, the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems is key to achieving energy sustainability. However, deploying separate SCADA systems to monitor and manage diverse resources is inefficient and expensive. Adding a separate, cloud-based dashboard solution makes the entire exercise even more complex and costly.

What renewable energy plants need is a secure on-premise, fully integrated, and seamlessly interoperable solution that provides them with clear, real-time visibility and control of their energy assets. This will enable them to forecast and maximize energy production, schedule timely maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Such a unified system not only streamlines operations by cutting down the need for multiple interfaces and databases, but also reduces training and maintenance costs, making it a highly feasible solution for distributed energy management.

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The SurvalentONE platform enables you to monitor and control multiple plants/farms – crossing different distribution jurisdictions – at the local and/or master station level. With SurvalentONE Renewables Management System, you can view real-time as well as historical data in highly intuitive graphical dashboards and reports to learn from past events and drive assets to operate at peak efficiency.

– Forecast energy production accurately to balance energy supply and demand

– Drive timely maintenance through predictive analytics, ensuring that all components of your renewable energy infrastructure are functioning optimally – thus also reducing asset downtime and increasing asset life

– Maximize energy production by leveraging real-time, detailed views of all energy assets to make informed decisions that enhance energy output (particularly useful for solar and wind energy sources, where production can be highly variable)

– Simplify and ensure regulatory compliance with the help of comprehensive reports that align with regulatory standards

Learn about the SurvalentONE Renewable Management System.

Why SurvalentONE Renewables Management System?

Fully integrated solution
Intelligent forecasting + real-time decision making
Significant cost savings
Guaranteed regulatory compliance

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