SurvalentONE Load Curtailment

SurvalentONE Load Curtailment

When peak demand exceeds supply or when required by the transmission authority, utilities must be ready to shed load within minutes to ensure optimal power quality and prevent brownouts and blackouts.

Manual load shedding is a labor-intensive task, and labor is something utilities can’t spare in high pressure, time-sensitive situations. Identifying the best switching operations and creating switch orders for load transfers ties up operator time and introduces the potential for error.

Utilities need a trusted, automated system that can be configured to shed load from lower priority sections to meet transmission authority mandates, improve system stability, and protect critical network areas from unplanned, sustained outages.

SurvalentONE Load Curtailment monitors an electrical network for specified event triggers and automatically sheds load when needed. It is a flexible solution that leverages utility-defined parameters and supervisory command sequences to meet each utility’s specific needs. With Load Curtailment, utilities can be prepared to shed load fast as soon as the need arises.

Load Curtailment automatically kicks-in when any pre-specified event occurs and triggers the appropriate control actions to be executed. SurvalentONE Load Curtailment can shed load through either a breaker control set containing breakers/switches or a control set containing addresses of load control receivers installed in customers’ homes. When load must be shed, the application issues commands to the appropriate breakers and switches, or issues load shed commands to load control receivers via load management RTUs. Utilities can configure and update control sets at any time.

Why SurvalentONE Load Curtailment?

Automate load shedding
Pre-plan to reduce errors
Protect high priority network segments
Enable rolling, predictable outages

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