SurvalentONE StationCentral

SurvalentONE StationCentral

In a large, distributed network, utilities must be able to monitor and control substations centrally for optimal reliability and improved situational awareness. Utilities need reliable, real-time data transmission from substations to the control room for proactive, informed decision-making.

Substation automation that integrates seamlessly with the utility’s central SCADA system eliminates the risk and enables optimal efficiency, fast and accurate decision making, and easy commissioning of new substations.

Utilities must protect their investment in mission-critical substations via a future-proof substation automation solution that is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and highly scalable.

StationCentral is a comprehensive substation automation solution that delivers real-time control and monitoring for improved protection of network assets. It is an advanced, utility-grade solution that provides a robust data acquisition engine, information aggregation, and process automation for utility operations at the substation level.

StationCentral offers seamless interoperability between the substation and the control room by aggregating and storing real-time data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) locally, processing it, and sending it to operators for monitoring, outage analysis, and protective maintenance. Data can be accessed locally or remotely.

Industry-leading safety and security procedures are embedded in the StationCentral solution, including secure handshaking and sophisticated user rights and responsibilities. Survalent’s StationCentral solution is highly scalable, expands from single- to quad-redundancy, and can be configured in a distributed architecture over multiple substations. With two graphical user interface (GUI) options – StationCentral VU or SmartVU – utilities have the flexibility to choose the display interface and edit/view rights that best meets their needs.

StationCentral integrates seamlessly with SurvalentONE SCADA and ADMS applications, is hardware agnostic, and uses native protocols to reduce the time it takes to commission a substation and add new devices.

Why SurvalentONE StationCentral?

Seamless communications interoperability
Faster commissioning & project lead times
More informed decision-making
Highly secure and scalable

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