SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding

SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding

When customer demand exceeds generated power, utilities must be ready to act. In high pressure and time-sensitive situations like winter storms or summer heat waves, utilities must respond quickly to avoid widespread, prolonged outages. In addition, the upstream provider may require utilities to shed a specific amount of load or risk heavy fines.

In such situations, utilities must conduct a high degree of analysis, planning, oversight, and coordination to shed load to avoid widespread, unpredictable outages. Simultaneously monitoring the network, handling dispatch and customer communications, and keeping tabs on the power rotation schedule is a tremendous burden for the control room. It introduces the risk of errors, more unplanned outages, and overall customer dissatisfaction.

Utilities need automated demand response management to alleviate the strain, improve system stability, and optimize power distribution. Rotational Load Shedding is the ideal application to plan and manage controlled rolling blackouts and provide customers with a predictable blackout schedule.

SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding enables electric distribution utilities to automate load shedding in predefined sections of the network for consecutive, non-overlapping periods of time, producing a controlled rolling blackout on demand when electricity demand exceeds supply.

SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding eliminates the manual analysis and effort required to comply with mandated shed targets. It automatically de-energizes and then re-energizes different portions of the distribution grid on a scheduled basis, preventing a full system blackout and balancing the available power supply with customer demand. Utilities can define segments of their distribution network that are eligible for load shedding and prioritize them so that critical customers or loads would only participate in rolling blackouts when necessary.

SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding is a highly configurable solution that provide utilities the flexibility to implement load shedding as per their individual needs. Operators can pre-define breaker control sets, priorities, duration, intervals, shed targets, as well as the scheduled start and stop time, and revise them at any time.

Why SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding?

Prioritize critical network areas
Increase system stability
Reduce the risk of human error

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SurvalentONE Rotational Load Shedding
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