Significantly Decrease Outage Durations

Significantly Decrease Outage Durations

Respond faster, increase safety, and improve customer satisfaction

Weather, electrification, and customer expectations for “always on” power are placing enormous pressure on utilities to reduce outage durations.

SurvalentONE Outage Management System (OMS) offers comprehensive capabilities to help you rapidly identify outage locations and remediate outages, share damage assessment and other critical data between the field and the control room, keep customers informed, and prepare for outage-related events – even before they occur.


OMS - so much more than an outage map

An outage map is only part of the puzzle. To reduce outage durations, optimize operational efficiency, and keep crews safe, you need a robust OMS solution that:

  • Delivers detailed outage and fault location information for faster, fact-based resolution
  • Enables proactive maintenance and repair activities to maximize uptime
  • Informs internal stakeholders to increase productivity
  • Proactively notifies customers to improve satisfaction and decrease call volume
  • Evaluates past events to better prepare for the future


See SurvalentONE OMS in action

You’ve heard that SurvalentONE is more than an outage map – now you can see it’s complete functionality in action. Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn how you can take advantage of:

  • Predictive outage analysis to help isolate the outage extent and probable fault location
  • Processes for rapid damage assessment
  • Automated reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced customer communication capabilities
  • Functionality to safely guide restoration activities


City of Lethbridge integrates SCADA with OMS to improve outage response

Merging SCADA and OMS data with call analysis data enables the City of Lethbridge to automatically visualize the magnitude, scale, and scope of an outage. It also allows operators to better focus on restoration activities during outages, and results in significantly improved outage response times. With SurvalentONE OMS, operators can predict outage locations within a few minutes, and crew can initiate restoration within 5 to 10 minutes.

Hear how other utilities are using SurvalentONE OMS

Watch this free webinar to hear a panel of utilities share how their OMS impacts their outage restoration processes. You’ll hear how control room dispatchers, field crews, and customer service representatives use OMS applications to efficiently manage outages, improve decision making, and increase field crew and public safety.

Learn how Mid-Ohio slashed its SAIDI by 64%

With its customers spread along 1,300 miles of line, minor glitches in Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative’s network could easily become sustained outages by the time field crews identified and repaired them. Implementing SurvalentONE SCADA and OMS was the ideal solution – Mid-Ohio Energy’s SAIDI has since dropped from 128 minutes to 46 minutes.

Enova Power Unifies FLISR and OMS to reduce outage durations

Enova Power Corp. wished to reduce their outage response time from their manual restoration standard of 5–10 minutes to under 60 seconds by isolating the direct cause of the outage and automating restoration for the remainder of the network. Unifying Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR), OMS, and SCADA on a single platform with a single network model not only reduced the time and effort required to maintain these systems, it also dramatically reduced outage durations and improved reliability by 10 to 20%.

Three ways Mobile Crew improves your outage management system

A steady stream of information is crucial for making timely, informed decisions and optimizing field crew deployments. Sharing job information over the radio risk delays and misunderstanding as crew in the field describe situations they hope the control centre can understand, and vice versa. Learn how an integrated two-way flow of information between the control room and field crews increases efficiency.

Hear Oakville Hydro’s journey to OMS

Oakville Hydro wanted to increase uptime and satisfy customer expectations of “always on” power. Learn how Oakville Hydro uses SurvalentONE OMS to:

  • Ensure customers have access to up-to-date outage information
  • Empower users in all roles with comprehensive outage data from multiple applications
  • Ease the strain on the call centre
  • Provide customer service representatives with up-to-date data, call records, and reports

Respond faster, increase safety, and improve customer satisfaction