SurvalentONE OMS Dashboard

SurvalentONE OMS Dashboard

On the best of days, control room staff are busy. When they’re battling storms, their time is even more precious. Taking the time to inform stakeholders of the current status of outages prolongs restoration efforts and introduces the risk of errors.

Utilities need to provide customer service, management, and other stakeholders outside the control room with access to an easy-to-read, trusted view of data that is consistently updated on the status of outages. Plus, since energy distribution is a 24-hour business and important decisions don’t wait for stakeholders to be at their desk, users need the flexibility to access updates via mobile devices, desktop applications, or in a public-facing lobby mode.

The SurvalentONE OMS Dashboard enables utilities to keep company stakeholders informed about outages without interrupting the control room. It integrates outage data from multiple sources into a single consolidated view, with real-time visualization, for sharing across the organization. Stakeholders can quickly review the latest outage and network status, including location and customer information for each outage case, in highly configurable dashboards designed for the needs of the stakeholders.

The OMS Dashboard can include outage call volume and distribution, customers impacted, and reliability indices, in tabular and graphics form, as well as configurable map layers showing the connectivity model, meters/transformers, outages, job locations, and vehicle locations. Best of all, with lobby and mobile/desktop versions available, stakeholders are guaranteed instant access to information when and where they need it.

Why SurvalentONE OMS Dashboard?

Up-to-date KPIs
Real-time view of outage data
Increased situational awareness


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