SurvalentONE Damage Reporting and Assessment

SurvalentONE Damage Reporting and Assessment

The many moving parts of restoring a fault, from the damage onsite, to the connected infrastructure, and the necessary reporting back in the control room requires collaboration to resolve efficiently.

To enable this collaboration, utilities need a centralized location for all critical outage information, including damage reports and service tickets. In addition, field crews must be empowered to directly share visual and technical information with the control room. Armed with this information, operators can dispatch the right crews to the fault, speeding up repairs, reducing unnecessary truck rolls, assigning the appropriate equipment for the relevant hazard and safety issues, and overall improving team efficiency.

SurvalentONE Damage Reporting & Assessments is an optional OMS application that enables all infrastructure damage data to be collected and shared with the control room and damage assessors via a single solution. Field crews can upload pictures, videos, or MS Word documents via Mobile Crew, and select from a pre-defined list to speed the entry of information on the ground. Authorized utility staff members can submit the same information via the mobile app version of Damage Reporting & Assessment.

Control rooms can then decide whether to send a damage assessor, who can create a ticket directly from the damage report if follow-up work or an inspection tour is required. They can also use the solution to advise about specific issues such as difficult to access locations, hazard safety issues, or the need for traffic control. Once repairs are complete, the same solution can be used to to mark work as complete.

Why SurvalentONE Damage Reporting and Assessment?

Rapidly act on damage
Improve situational awareness
Increased transparency


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