SurvalentONE Project Development System

SurvalentONE Project Development System

Most utilities update their network model, database, and/or graphics on a daily basis. Having an efficient way of making and applying these changes are key goal for utilities.

Even the most experienced administrators make mistakes – particularly when working in a fast-paced environment. An interruption can turn the simplest editing task into a costly error in the system. The risk increases when several team members are working on the same project – constant collaboration is essential to avoid making conflicting changes or overwriting another user’s work.

The solution is simple. Utilities need an offline environment that enables users to update, review, and approve all ADMS changes before they go live in their production environment.

SurvalentONE Project Development System (PDS) is an offline environment where utilities can safely design, edit, and test proposed changes to their SurvalentONE ADMS environment, before publishing them to the production system.

PDS allows utilities to easily establish an efficient quality assurance process for vetting and approving development work before it goes live in their production environment, eliminating potential sources of error, and maximizing system reliability. With the reservation system, multiple users can work simultaneously on projects without overwriting each other’s changes.

Why SurvalentONE Project Development System?

Protect the production environment
Safely update and test system changes
Easily collaborate on projects
Improve productivity

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