Our Promise

Our Promise

Better Software. Better Decisions.

While our corporate roots trace back to technology that was used by NASA in the Apollo space missions, Survalent’s 60+ year history has been dedicated to service in the utility industry. Our success has been fueled by exceeding the expectations of the customers we serve: innovation, improvement, and commitment are at the heart of everything we do.

We have an impressive list of highly satisfied electric, renewable energy, oil & gas, water/wastewater, and transit utility customers of all sizes across the globe. This diversity gives us a broad perspective and a tremendous base of experience. Over 700 utilities in 40 countries rely on the SurvalentONE platform to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations. By supporting critical utility operations with a fully integrated solution, our customers have significantly improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and network reliability.

Many of our customers have expanded beyond their initial Survalent SCADA investment to include our outage and distribution management solutions, resulting in over 850+ successful implementations. And since 1983 – when we first began tracking this information – our customer retention rate has been 97.7%.

100% Project Delivery. We Guarantee It. Ask Us How.

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