SurvalentONE Dynamic Voltage Regulation

SurvalentONE Dynamic Voltage Regulation

As the demand for reliable and secure power increases and the standards set by regulatory agencies become higher, utilities must maintain the quality of power to meet these expectations. This can be a challenge for utilities participating in energy conservation programs and performing peak shaving to lower the overall cost of power for their customers.

Manually managing voltage levels to ensure customers are consistently served per regulatory standards is a complex process with potentially unforeseeable and high-risk consequences. This is especially true during periods of peak demand, when voltage reduction adds the most value. Fluctuating or invariable voltages, especially during peak periods, disrupt customers’ daily lives, cause economic losses for commercial customers, and lead to peak penalties for utilities.

Utilities need an automated solution to reduce peak demand and keep end-of-line voltages within an optimal range consistent with proper distribution equipment operation.

SurvalentONE Dynamic Voltage Regulation (DVR) is an industry leading demand response software that leverages voltage regulators, load tap changers, and smart grid technology to automatically maintain feeder voltages within specified limits.

With SurvalentONE DVR, utilities can reduce peak demand, prevent brownouts, keep voltages within an optimal range, and maintain overall system power quality, all without complex programming. SurvalentONE DVR continuously monitors field devices, sensors, and AMI meters, and maintains the right balance between demand reduction and end-of-line voltages. The end customer experiences no change in electrical service and is less likely to lose power at the most critical times.

SurvalentONE DVR uses an advanced control algorithm based on multiple objective functions, such as minimum control (conservation), or minimum voltage (peak reduction), to automatically optimize the operation of all the regulators on a feeder.

Since SurvalentONE DVR does not require a network model, most utilities can install and use the application immediately.

Why SurvalentONE DVR?

Reduce peak demand
Eliminate peak penalties and reduce costs
Prevent brownouts and blackouts

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