SurvalentONE Power Factor Control

SurvalentONE Power Factor Control

Power factor control and correction is critical to optimize an electric distribution system’s efficiency, avoid energy loss, and reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades.

Power factor control is also a vital component of a utility’s journey toward improving reliability and resiliency, managing distributed energy resources in their network, and leveraging analytics and forecasting to improve decision making. Each of these goals requires utilities to have real-time insight into how their system is operating at any given moment. The goal of improving reliability and resiliency also requires utilities to ensure their underlying infrastructure is ready.

For these reasons, utilities looking to implement advanced distribution management software and improve their energy efficiency should consider a solution that automatically monitors, controls, and corrects the network’s power factor.

SurvalentONE Power Factor Control helps utilities monitor and control their power factor at specified locations within their electric distribution network. When necessary, it issues controls to the appropriate substation-level and feeder-level capacitor bank controllers to correct the power factor.

SurvalentONE Power Factor Control looks at the telemetered values in the substation (voltage, current, kW), and automatically monitors and corrects the power factor at several specified locations where power is supplied to the network. Utilities can also choose to correct power factor at individual feeders if suitable telemetry is available.

With Power Factor Control, utilities can prepare their network for advanced DMS applications, including Distribution Power Flow and Distribution State Estimation. Power Factor Control also serves as the engine for Volt-VAR Control & Optimization.

Why SurvalentONE Power Factor Control?

Reduce power losses
Prepare for advanced ADMS
Improve reliability


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