Next Webinar: Improve resiliency and reliability in critical areas: A phased approach to implementing FLISR
Hosted by T&D World | February 9th @ 11 am ET | Join us live for this free webinar and hear how Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative is benefiting from a phased approach to implementing FLISR.
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In addition to live webinars, Survalent has a variety of on-demand and pre-recorded webinars that you can watch at your convenience.

WEBINAR REPLAYSaving nearly $1 million with Dynamic Voltage Regulation

One of the biggest expenses of many cooperatives is their monthly power demand. Since 2013, Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation has been using dynamic voltage reduction to reduce that monthly demand. The utility uses the tools available in Survalent software to predict their monthly peak, reduce voltage within specific limits and, in turn, reduce their monthly expenses. Using the Survalent Excel Add-in, Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation estimates a savings of $925,000 since the start of this project seven years ago. Attendees will hear how Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation set up their system for DVR and how DVR has impacted their system. They will also learn about key issues they’ve encountered, how they’ve addressed those issues, and the effect they have on a DVR system.

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Survalent’s Offline Environments – Which Are Right For You?

Since the ADMS is one of the most critical platforms in the utility’s ecosystem, there are certain functions/tasks that utilities may want to offload to a non-production system to avoid overloading or adding risk to the ADMS. These include training, testing and editing. Survalent understands these needs and has four different types of offline environments available depending on the utility’s needs. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between each or thought of adding an offline environment but weren’t sure which was right for your utility, this is the webinar for you.

Watch this replay where Daniel Nechay, Senior Product Manager at Survalent, answers all your questions about Survalent’s offline applications. You’ll learn the objectives of each application, discover their key features, and hear the unique benefits each delivers to utilities. This webinar will discuss:

- Project Development System
- Quality Assurance System
- Operator Training Simulator
- Study Mode

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Faults are Unavoidable but Faster Restoration is in your Control

Whether it’s before, during, or after a fault, there are steps you can take to minimize outage impacts and significantly reduce durations.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how SurvalentONE Distribution Contingency Analysis, FLISR and LOV, and Protection Settings Manager can help you improve reliability and customer satisfaction.

In our demo, you’ll learn how FLISR and LOV operate, including the options available for FLISR to handle single-phase faults based on the utility’s preferences. You’ll hear how FLISR can account for hot line tags and neutral-fault detection.

Learn how you can:
- Proactively monitor locations to ensure that there is sufficient contingency available to recover from a fault, and simulate FLISR or LOV events to optimize decision making and fault responses
- Configure FLISR and LOV to either automatically isolate the fault or loss of supply and restore power to customers outside the isolated area within seconds or provide the operator with the recommended switching actions to review, depending on your comfort level
- Ensure your relay protection settings are always correct for the current network configuration

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Mobile Crew: Empower your Field Crew for Faster, Safer Outage Responses

Mobile Crew is a SurvalentONE OMS web application that benefits field crews as well as the control room. With Mobile Crew, field crews gain greater network visibility and can deliver real-time reports on jobs, outage cases, and damages to the control room. This information can be used to update customers, improve resource allocation, and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

In this webinar you'll see an overview and live demo of our Mobile Crew application. You’ll learn how you can:
- Improve field crew management and maximize their productivity
- Reduce field service costs while improving restoration times and customer service
- Provide field crews with tools to enhance their situational awareness and safety
- Improve collaboration with the control room and between field crews

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Get the Most Value and Control from your SurvalentONE SCADA System (March 2020)

An advanced SCADA system is the backbone of any effective control room.

In this webinar you'll hear how you can maximize your investment in SCADA software, achieve significant energy gains, and improve grid safety. Watch this replay to learn about:

- GUI best practices and how to optimize monitoring and control processes.
- Alarm management, reporting, and preparing switching plans.
- The value of applications like Lightning Strike Interface and Dynamic Voltage Regulation.
- How to leverage your investment in other systems like OMS, AMI, AVL, and more by integrating them with your SCADA.

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Get the most from your SurvalentONE SCADA system (April 2018)

Join us as we review the ways you can leverage functionality within SurvalentONE SCADA to support better decision-making, improve efficiencies, and achieve your grid modernization objectives. This session will explore the various ways you can go beyond your existing implementation to take your control room to a new level of performance.

During this informative webinar, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your SurvalentONE SCADA:

- Best practices for data acquisition & processing, as well as database administration
- Leveraging Historian and the software’s advanced reporting capabilities to meet the demands for improved efficiency and regulatory analysis in an era of reduced operating budgets
- Distribution Automation applications to keep your network operating within preferred parameters
- Tips for protecting & securing your network against cyber-attacks

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Gain efficiencies and improve situational awareness by leveraging GIS data in your control room

Utility control rooms rely on maps to manage power distribution and quickly restore power to areas affected by outages. In this informative session, you’ll learn why integrating your GIS data into your SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS, and DMS applications can increase situational awareness, improve operational performance, and reduce operational costs.

Our guest speaker, Amy Grice, System Engineering Manager at Peninsula Light Company will share her rationale for importing GIS into the utility’s SCADA system, important implementation issues to consider, and how Peninsula Light has benefitted.

In this webinar you’ll gain practical insights and learn how you can:

-Combine real-time SCADA data with a geographic view of the electrical network enhances control room productivity and performance
-Validate and import your GIS data into your ADMS
-Streamline your GIS integration by evaluating data and visualization errors, and resolving them before they go live

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Improve Network Reliability & Quality of Service with SurvalentONE Demand Response Applications

Now – more than ever – utilities need to make informed, dynamic decisions to efficiently manage load and improve network reliability to meet customer requirements. This informative webinar will cover the various SurvalentONE demand response applications that will help you manage peak demand periods, prevent brownouts and blackouts, and reduce operating costs – all without the need for any complex programming.

Attendees will learn how these applications make it possible for utilities to reduce demand, improve efficiencies, and realize energy savings:

- Dynamic Voltage Regulation (DVR) – allows you to reduce peak demand and maintain optimal feeder voltage limits
- Load Curtailment – monitors your network and sheds load based on predefined settings
- Volt/VAR Optimization - improves energy efficiency in the distribution system by reducing both energy losses and peak demand

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Better Manage Outages with SurvalentONE OMS

This informative session will provide insight on how SurvalentONE OMS applications can help electric distribution utilities respond faster to network interruptions, reduce outage duration and impact on customers, and communicate more effectively to internal and external stakeholders. Attendees will also hear about optional applications available to help track and document storms, improve lines of communication, and allows stakeholders to stay connected with your control room, field crews and customers.

Also featured will be Mobile Crew Manager, which provides field crews with instant access to their work assignments via a tablet or laptop browser. It helps lower field service costs and improve restoration time.

During this webinar, our subject matter experts will discuss the benefits of the SurvalentONE OMS suite of applications, including:
- CSR Call Handler
- Customer Outage Portal
- OMS Dashboard
- Mobile Crew Manager
- Damage Reporting & Assessment
- Stakeholder Email Notification
- Major Event Management
- Audit Trail

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WEBINAR REPLAYCustomer panel: Restore outages faster and increase transparency with OMS

Wondering how other utilities use SurvalentONE OMS to improve outage response? In this panel, customers will share how their OMS impacts their outage restoration processes. You’ll hear how control room dispatchers, field crews, and customer service representatives use OMS applications to efficiently manage outages, improve decision making, and increase field crew and public safety.

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Minimize Downtime by Managing Power Outages More Efficiently with SurvalentONE FLISR

By implementing a centralized FLISR solution in the control room, you can dramatically reduce outage downtimes. Sustained outages can be turned into momentary outages – resulting in greater network reliability, lower Customer Minutes Interrupted (CMI), and increased customer satisfaction.

During this informative session, you’ll learn everything you need to know about SurvalentONE FLISR from our subject matter experts:

- Key product features & benefits
- System requirements
- Best practices in preparing your network for deployment
- Actionable insights from successful customer case studies

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Saving nearly $1 million with Dynamic Voltage Regulation

One of the biggest expenses of many cooperatives is their monthly power demand. Since 2013, Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation has been using dynamic voltage reduction to reduce that monthly demand. […]


Customer panel: Restore outages faster and increase transparency with OMS

Wondering how other utilities use SurvalentONE OMS to improve outage response? In this panel, customers will share how their OMS impacts their outage restoration processes. […]


How to best protect your utility’s systems from cybersecurity attacks

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Spatial Data Intelligence: A ‘map first’ approach to decision-making

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Data Driven OMS

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Customer panel: Improve reliability, optimize your network, and reduce outage durations with DMS

Utilities using SurvalentONE DMS will share their business rationale for implementing various DMS applications and provide insightful commentary on their challenges and lessons learned to help other utilities at varying stages of their ADMS journey. […]