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    Central Georgia EMC

    Electric distribution |58,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers | 5,100+ miles

    Central Georgia EMC case study

    SurvalentONE PSM was a logical add-on to complement our FLISR implementation and has proven its value in many ways. We’ve been able to use PSM outside of FLISR as well, such as planned maintenance, and to reduce the work required by our operators for restoration and monitoring.

    The Challenge

    Following a modernization initiative to upgrade their legacy monitoring system with SurvalentONE SCADA & Distribution Management System (DMS) solutions, Central Georgia EMC (CGEMC) was looking to further protect their system from faults. Confident and happy with Survalent’s service, the utility implemented SurvalentONE Protection Settings Manager (PSM), to provide better control over their network’s reliability when there is an event and SurvalentONE Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) is active.

    The wanted to reduce their operational costs further, improve their network reliability even more, and minimize outage times.

    The Solution

    With SurvalentONE PSM, CGEMC can manage device behavior during abnormal switching events or planned outages, simplify operators’ workloads, eliminate errors, and complete time-sensitive restoration activities quickly. When the distribution network is switched into an abnormal state, PSM observes the system condition and implements the same logic a system operator or relay engineer would. It automatically transitions the device to the desired settings group, thus completing post-restoration switching orders in the right order automatically within seconds.

    SurvalentONE PSM monitors and controls approximately 300 relays on CGEMC’s distribution network. PSM runs in the background, monitoring system conditions; when an event occurs and FLISR is active, PSM ensures that their network devices continue to operate dependably and securely.

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    Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (CGEMC) is a non-profit electric cooperative based in Jackson, Georgia. The cooperative serves the needs of parts of 14 counties ranging from south suburban Atlanta to the northern edge of Macon which include dense suburban and rural areas. CGEMC is responsible for the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to more than 55,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers

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