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    Cobb EMC

    Cobb EMC pays for SurvalentONE ADMS with savings from support and improved operational efficiencies

    Cobb EMC case study

    We needed to implement a system that offered the greatest flexibility in terms of network configuration, functionality, and future integration with new or upgraded systems.

    The Challenge

    Cobb EMC wanted a modern, integrated ADMS solution with high performance and flexibility to boost their future smart grid modernization initiatives, including self-healing, load control, and distribution power flow. They needed flexibility in configuration and the ability to perform upgrades with minimal vendor assistance. They also wanted advanced data acquisition capabilities to get real-time equipment status, metering data, alarming, and control, all in one screen.

    Cobb set-up a detailed functional requirements document including a total of 640 requirements to be marked ‘Supported as Delivered’ or ‘Supported in Future’. Survalent was the only vendor that covered more than 95% of the requirements ‘Supported as Delivered’.

    The Solution

    Despite implementing SurvalentONE SCADA during the height of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Survalent team successfully commissioned Cobb’s SCADA system on time, 100% remotely. This included completing substation checkouts, creating control panel templates for field devices, checking 500 devices with 16 radio channels, and communicating with 375 fiber-connected field devices.

    Since going live with SurvalentONE SCADA, Cobb has found that the solution is intuitive and fast to use. Operators report that decision-making is 25–50% faster than with their previous system. Another big plus for Cobb EMC is Survalent’s responsive support and maintenance process. Upgrades are included in the maintenance plan and can be performed by Cobb with no assistance from Survalent. In fact, the utility calculates that the cost savings of their support program have paid for their new Survalent ADMS system.

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    Cobb EMC, the second-largest electric distribution cooperative in Georgia and the sixth-largest EMC in the U.S., serves 200,000+ members. It was ranked the most reliable utility in the nation in 2023.

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