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    Huntsville Utilities

    180,000 electricity customers, 51,000 gas customers, 93,000 water customers

    Huntsville Utilities case study

    This was our biggest upgrade in 30 years ... The reason we were successful is because we were able to work so well with Survalent’s experienced team.

    The Challenge

    Huntsville’s three utility distribution networks were all administrated through the same obsolete 1980s-era non-scalable SCADA system. This system’s user interface was antiquated, documentation and reporting were weak, and tech support was inadequate. The SCADA software could not interface with common mobile web applications and web services for transferring information were not an option. Line diagrams of the distribution networks had to be reproduced by IT to share with corporate. Huntsville needed to modernize its SCADA.

    The Solution

    Huntsville adopted SurvalentONE SCADA, an intuitive Windows-based application that enabled their operators, dispatchers, and other users to quickly adapt to the system, generate reports and archive information, and perform their jobs more efficiently.

    With SurvalentONE SCADA, Huntsville could easily scale, allow corporate view-only access, and support smart grid technology. In addition, Huntsville could gradually implement Survalent’s integrated ADMS applications, such as OMS and FLISR to improve reliability.

    With SurvalentONE SCADA, Huntsville now operates at a lower cost and greater efficiency than utilities that maintain separate systems for gas, water, and electricity.

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    Huntsville Utilities is a municipally owned utility serving 180,000 electricity customers, 51,000 gas customers, and 93,000 water customers in the city of Huntsville, Alabama.

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