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    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

    170,000 meters, 17,000+ miles

    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative case study

    When we spoke with existing Survalent customers, we consistently heard how easy it was to build and use, and how their end users really liked it. That was a big factor for us as we were coming from such a difficult system.

    The Challenge

    REC provides electrical distribution across northern Virginia. For years, the utility was severely restricted by an obsolete SCADA that could not be updated to meet their needs, offered cumbersome and incomplete reporting options, and failed to meet their security standards.

    Furthermore, the system lacked effective system support, often forcing the utility to seek solutions from their internal IT team.

    REC realized that they needed a secure and well-supported SCADA that could keep up with the needs of the utility and better position it for future needs and demands.

    The Solution

    REC chose SurvalentONE SCADA for its user-friendliness, customer support, strong security, and ease of reporting. They immediately began building a new database from scratch and configuring graphics.

    Owing to the user-friendliness and intuitive nature of the new system, REC’s team adapted quickly to their SurvalentONE SCADA, and were able to configure 100 substations and 15,000 data points in house.

    REC completed their first commissioning within six months, and their system was up and running in its entirety in ten months.

    “We’re overall very happy with the system and where we can go with it. We now have advanced SCADA functionality that can take us into the future.”

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    The Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is a member-owned utility based in Virginia. Founded in 1980 as the result of a consolidation of two cooperatives, REC today finds itself serving thousands of member-owners spread across Northern and Central Virginia, from rural towns and communities to small suburban hubs.

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