City of Lethbridge Electric Utility Chooses SurvalentONE OMS

City of Lethbridge Electric Utility Chooses SurvalentONE OMS

Implementation will enable automated outage identification and real-time communication between crews and the control room to speed restoration efforts


BRAMPTON, ONTARIO — March 15, 2018 —  Survalent, a leading provider of advanced distribution management system (ADMS) software, today announced that the City of Lethbridge Electric Utility (LEU) has selected SurvalentONE OMS to add automated outage management capabilities to its control room.

The City of Lethbridge Electric Utility is a public utility owned and operated by the City of Lethbridge. It provides electricity transmission and distribution services to approximately 40,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Lethbridge. The addition of an outage management system (OMS) as part of the city’s Capital Improvement program reflects its continuing commitment to provide its customers with access to reliable power.

For more than 20 years, LEU has counted on the real-time supervisory control and data acquisition capabilities of SurvalentONE SCADA to streamline processes and better manage its network. In 2016, it introduced an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) — including meters and monitoring equipment —  to all of its residential, industrial, and commercial customers.

“Adding OMS is the next logical step in the evolution of our control room,” noted Emilio Mantello, Control Centre Manager at City of Lethbridge. “With SurvalentONE OMS, we’ll be able to leverage our existing meter and monitoring technology to pinpoint the exact outage location, determine the cause, and immediately dispatch repair crews to restore power.”

“When it came time to assessing our OMS options, SurvalentONE OMS was the obvious choice,” continued Mantello. “We’ve had great success with SurvalentONE SCADA over the years and their team is second to none. We’re confident that Survalent is the right vendor to fulfill our OMS goals.”

The project, which is slated to begin in March 2018, will culminate with installation, commissioning, and training in the second quarter of this year. Control room operators, field crew, and CSRs will be trained prior to launch on the full suite of outage management capabilities, including outage analysis and prediction, call handling, dispatch and crew management, management dashboards, and a customer outage portal, as well as on SurvalentONE WebSurv which will give them secure, 24/7 remote access to critical control room information.

“The selection of SurvalentONE OMS by Lethbridge speaks to the excellent working relationship we’ve had with them for the past two decades,” said Steve Mueller, president and chief executive officer of Survalent. “We’re pleased to be able to extend that relationship with a system that will deliver measurable improvements to their outage response times and provide enhanced service to their customers.”

About City of Lethbridge Electric Utility

The Lethbridge Electric Utility provides electric transmission and distribution services for approximately 40,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Lethbridge, Alberta.

About Survalent

Survalent is the most trusted provider of advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) software for electric, transit, gas and water/wastewater utilities across the globe. Over 600 utilities in 30 countries rely on the Survalent ONE platform to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations. By supporting critical utility operations with a fully integrated solution, our customers have significantly improved operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and network reliability. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and to our customers has been the key to our success for over 50 years. To learn more, visit us at Follow us on Twitter @Survalent and LinkedIn.




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