OMS – Outage Management System

Outage Management System (OMS)

SurvalentONE OMS

The SurvalentONE OMS is a complete suite of applications that empowers utilities to efficiently track outages, reduce outage downtime, and proactively and safely guide field crews during restoration activities. It supports a large number of interface and protocol applications and is fully integrated with SurvalentONE SCADA and DMS. It features up to quad-redundancy, ensuring maximum uptime is available even during major storms.

SurvalentONE Outage Management System (OMS) Brochure

Survalent Explorer

Survalent Explorer is an intuitive graphic environment that provides the user with ready access to all database point configurations, and application settings.  The software includes editing tools for all database points, access control, control zones, system parameters, setup of advanced applications and station clone and point modeling features.  The database editor displays the data in a tree structure, representing the complete network and allowing easy navigation for viewing or editing.

Key Features:

The database editor includes features which will make it easy to create and modify the database such as:

  • Call Analysis
  • Call Backs
  • IVR Caller ID
  • Map Interface
  • Crew Management
  • Switch Order & Guarantees
  • Events & Operations
  • AMI


SmartVU is a graphical user interface for operators that utilizes modern graphics hardware to accomplish high quality graphics, providing a platform for users to view and edit all of their SCADA, OMS and DMS applications. SmartVU can be installed on a PC running Windows Vista or higher and offers a tabbed interface, allowing quick access to multiple views (map, alarms, operations logs and graphs) within a single screen.