Optional Applications (OMS)

SurvalentONE OMS Optional Applications

Optional Applications

Call Handler Client

Users can handle calls through the SmartVU Call Handler interface or with the Survalent ONE Call Handler Portal which provides an web-based interface. This application allows a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to record information provided by a caller, and issue call records to the OMS for processing. Known outage information is available to the CSR, including the estimated time to restoration, so that they can relay the information to the caller. Tickets can also be created to track issues related to a non-outage calls.

Customer Notifications

SurvalentONE Customer Notifications is a two-way outage alert system that enables utilities to send outage alerts to their affected customers’ mobile phones via text message directly through the OMS. It also empowers customers to report outages by simply texting the command word “OUT” to a specified phone number. The sophisticated communication system also allows utilities to notify customers via email and social media, in addition to SMS, all from within the OMS.

This capability improves communication, transparency, and customer engagement while reducing utilities’ response time and inbound call volume during outages.

Customer Outage Portal

Utility customers can view the location of existing outage cases through the Customer Outage Portal website. If unreported, the customer can report the outage directly through the website. Utilities can also post relevant information about existing outages such as estimated time of restoration or cause, to help reduce the number of incoming calls. Upcoming planned outages can also be posted to the portal.

Mobile Crew

This SurvalentONE OMS application provides field crews with greater network visibility and opens up two-way communication, allowing them to provide updates directly from their tablet or laptop. With Mobile Crew, your field crew can receive job notifications, view work orders, display the network model and outage map in real-time, report their progress, and close job tickets.

SurvalentONE Mobile Crew Brochure

OMS Dashboard

The OMS Dashboard application integrates outage data from multiple sources into a single consolidated view, with real-time visualization, for sharing across the organization. Situational awareness can be higher for any employee, without requiring additional communications effort by the control-centre staff, particularly during storms. OMS Dashboard is available in Lobby and Mobile/Desktop versions.

Users gain easy, fast access, to the latest outage and network status, including location and customer information, for each outage case. The Dashboard presents KPIs, outage call volume and distribution, and reliability indices, in tabular and graphics form. Users can customize the dashboard to meet their requirements.

Key Features:

  •  Integrates real-time outage information including location, and customer information for each outage case
  • Customizable layout presents KPIs, customers impacted, outage location, reliability indices
  • Configurable map layers: connectivity model, meters/transformers, outages, jobs, vehicles
  • Outage cases can be updated remotely, including the ETOR and ‘Message to Public’, for display in the Customer Outage Portal


  •  Increased awareness of important outage information for staff
  • Detailed outage data is easier to understand, and more actionable, through visualization and customized views
  • Better decisions based on integrated view of real-time data from multiple sources
  • Staff are empowered with greater visibility of progress against KPIs, and other indicators