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    Survalent to Lead Multi-Market Platform Initiative with Progressive Utilities in Ontario

    Survalent to develop a centralized information platform to exchange and aggregate real-time data with local distribution companies and distributed energy resources

    BRAMPTON, ONTARIO – November 10, 2021. Survalent, a leading provider of advanced distribution management system (ADMS) software, is pleased to announce an innovative project to create the first of its kind multi-market information platform in Canada. The platform is part of the Framework and Demonstration of a Multi-Market Model (FDMM) project and will exchange and aggregate real-time data from the ADMS of local distribution companies (LDCs) and distributed energy resources (DERs) for better visibility and higher interoperability.

    This project was made possible through the financial support of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in Ontario. This unique initiative will be instrumental in overcoming the challenges created by the autonomous market participation of DERs and the lack of visibility, data sharing, and coordination between the IESO, the transmission operator, and LDCs in managing renewable assets on the distribution network. The vendor-agnostic platform will seamlessly integrate LDCs’ existing ADMS and DERMS applications, and share data with DERs of all energy types, including solar and wind, in the distribution grids of LDC partners. This will provide Ontario with additional options to improve electrical system reliability, and provide greater choice of affordable energy suppliers for the Ontario rate payers.

    “As more Ontario businesses and communities look to technologies like solar panels, energy storage, and demand management tools to meet their energy needs, the IESO is investing in projects that will enable these resources to participate in Ontario’s electricity market” said Katherine Sparkes, Director, Innovation, Research and Development at the IESO. “This project joins other pilot projects across the province the IESO is testing to gain a better understanding about how community-based energy assets can contribute to the reliability and affordability of the province’s electricity system – increasing competition and driving down costs, while providing more options to meet Ontario’s growing electricity needs.”

    As the primary project lead, Survalent is building the proof-of-concept platform over a period of 36 months, in partnership with Elexicon Energy Inc., London Hydro, Oakville Hydro, and Waterloo North Hydro. The pilot demonstration tool will leverage the interoperability of the data and network model within the LDCs’ ADMS and provide the capability for visualization, reporting, management, and control of the assets. This will improve the DERs’ ability to estimate, forecast, plan, coordinate, and control its assets to balance supply and demand requirements.

    Steve Mueller, President and CEO at Survalent said, “We are pleased to join the IESO on this historic initiative. It is exciting to be the technology partner creating the future path for the energy marketplace in Canada. We are committed to creating an information platform that is scalable and vendor-agnostic so that it can be easily applied across other jurisdictions in the future, with little-to-no technology risk.”

    About Survalent
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