An advanced distribution management system (ADMS) collects an immense amount of data, sourced from various integrated systems. Operators must access the network data instantly for fast, efficient monitoring, control, and troubleshooting.

When many different user interfaces are used in the control room, response times increase, efficiency decreases, and the risk of errors grows.

Utilities need a single, easy-to-use graphical user interface that organizes and displays all network and outage data in one place and enhances the efficiency of their ADMS applications. Utilities must enable their operators to visualize all aspects of the grid in real-time, providing them with a comprehensive view of their network to help make informed, timely decisions.

SmartVU is a modern, intuitive graphical user interface that simplifies how operators view, manage, edit, and share ADMS information.

Seamlessly integrated with the SurvalentONE suite of applications, SmartVU provides operators with a comprehensive view of the network at all times. It allows operators to visualize all aspects of the grid in real-time, helping them make informed, timely decisions while maintaining precise control of individual field devices. Leveraging SmartVU’s advanced graphics and visualization capabilities, users can present data in a variety of formats, for a more in-depth view of network activity.

Users can personalize their workspace based on login credentials, eliminating setup time and increasing productivity in the control room. SmartVU’s multi-user editing feature allows multiple team members to edit map components simultaneously, significantly shortening project timelines and increasing productivity in the control room.

Why SmartVU?

Single view of all ADMS data
Faster, efficient troubleshooting
Highly configurable, modern graphics

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SurvalentONE SmartVU for Control Room
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