Improve Your Storm Response

Improve Your Storm Response

Win the battle against storm-related outages

The intensity and frequency of storms is increasing every year all around the world, resulting in more large-scale, prolonged outages. Customers, regulators, and government bodies are demanding that utilities find immediate solutions to sustained outages.

SurvalentONE ADMS solutions, including our Outage Management System (OMS) and Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR), can significantly minimize outage impact and duration, so you can restore power faster and improve customer satisfaction.


OMS - so much more than an outage map

SurvalentONE OMS provides robust capabilities to help you improve safety, reliability, productivity, and customer satisfaction:

  • Deliver detailed outage and fault location information for faster, fact-based resolution
  • Enable proactive maintenance and repair activities to maximize uptime
  • Inform internal stakeholders to increase productivity
  • Proactively notify customers to improve satisfaction and decrease call volume
  • Evaluate past events to better prepare for the future


Learn how Mid-Ohio slashed its SAIDI by 64%

With its customers spread along 1,300 miles of line, minor glitches in Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative’s network could easily become sustained outages by the time field crews identified and repaired them. Implementing SurvalentONE SCADA and OMS was the ideal solution – Mid-Ohio Energy’s SAIDI has since dropped from 128 minutes to 46 minutes.

Reduce outage durations from hours to seconds with FLISR

Every second counts when your customers are out of power. Learn how FLISR can automatically detect and isolate faults and then reroute power to large areas of the affected location, all within seconds.

See FLISR in Action

Interested in seeing FLISR in action? Watch our on-demand FLISR webinar to see a demo and hear how it operates.

Hear Oakville Hydro’s journey to OMS

Oakville Hydro wanted to increase uptime and satisfy customer expectations of “always on” power. Learn how Oakville Hydro uses SurvalentONE OMS to:

  • Ensure customers have access to up-to-date outage information
  • Empower users in all roles with comprehensive outage data from multiple applications
  • Ease the strain on the call centre
  • Provide customer service representatives with up-to-date data, call records, and reports


Implement FLISR progressively

Worried about the cost and complexity of implementing full-scale FLISR? Why not start with a pilot project to prove the value, or deploy it to your most outage-prone areas? All you need is telemetered switches and a reliable communication medium to integrate your devices to ADMS, and you can gradually expand over time as needed.

Hear how Bluebonnet improved SAIDI, SAIFI, and CAIDI in critical areas

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative implemented FLISR in trouble areas where it would deliver the most value in their network. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How Bluebonnet chose areas for FLISR
  • The benefits they’ve achieved
  • The challenges they experienced and how they overcame them


Hear EVN Ho Chi Minh City's Journey to Reliability

Ho Chi Minh City needed to stabilize its electricity distribution to attract and retain valuable commercial and industrial customers, and improve the quality of life of its residents. Read this case study to learn how deploying SurvalentONE FLISR across its 872 feeders has reduced SAIDI by 97.3% and SAIFI by 97.9%.

Win the battle against storm-related outages