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    As grid modernization accelerates, POWER and Survalent partner

    This partnership maximizes both companies’ expertise in adding ADMS capabilities for utilities

    BRAMPTON, ONTARIO – July 27, 2022. POWER Engineers, Incorporated (POWER) and Survalent, a leading provider of advanced distribution management system (ADMS) software, have announced a formal partnership expanding the options available to POWER clients seeking innovative and reliable grid modernization solutions.

    “As a System Integrator partner with Survalent, POWER can implement and integrate SurvalentONE ADMS’s full range of solutions to our customers while helping them plan for grid modernization,” said Nathan Bingham, POWER’s Director of Strategy and Technology. “We are thrilled to share our growing list of solution options that will continue to help us meet our customers’ broad range of needs.”

    SurvalentONE’s fully integrated ADMS platform efficiently integrates, manages, and processes data from a broad array of sources, and is known for increasing safety, improving reliability, and decreasing outage durations for utilities at a reasonable cost, making it suitable for cooperatives, municipalities, and other small-to-large utility organizations.

    The partnership will offer a new set of grid modernization options to POWER customers who seek to monitor, analyze, restore, or optimize their operations. As a system integrator, POWER helps utilities with grid modernization efforts by building integrated enterprise solutions that include ADMS platforms like SurvalentONE and GIS platforms such as Esri’s new ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, and Utility Network. By using the SurvalentONE ADMS platform, utilities and other organizations can reduce costs and increase network reliability, operational efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.

    “We’re excited to welcome POWER into our program. Together, we’ll be able to help more utilities deliver reliable, high-quality power at a low total cost of ownership,” said Barb McLatchie, Director, Channel Partners, who oversees Survalent’s partner programs. “Survalent’s multi-tier Partner Program was designed to give access to more resources and a strong collaboration between our teams, something that will only become more important as our national and international clients work on the grid and infrastructure modernization plans so important to energy efficiency and climate goals.”

    About Survalent:
    Survalent is the most trusted provider of ADMS systems for electric, water/wastewater, oil & gas, renewable energy, and transit utilities across the globe. More than 700 utilities in 40 countries rely on SurvalentONE ADMS solutions to operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations and better integrate renewable resources into their network. Our SCADA, OMS, and DMS solutions enable utilities to significantly increase reliability & resiliency, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies. Our comprehensive substation automation solution, StationCentral, delivers real-time control and monitoring to help utilities enhance network performance and protect their investment in mission-critical substations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and to our customers has been the key to our success for over 60 years.

    To learn more about Survalent, please visit www.survalent.com or contact:

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    About POWER Engineers:
    POWER Engineers is an engineering, environmental, and technology consulting firm specializing in integrated solutions for clients in the power delivery, power generation, food and beverage, government, renewables and storage, campus energy, and oil and gas industries. Founded in 1976, it is an employee-owned company with 45 offices and more than 3,000 employees across North America.

    For more information about POWER Engineers Incorporated, please visit www.powereng.com or contact:

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