STC Explorer

STC Explorer

Survalent Explorer is an intuitive graphic environment that provides the user with ready access to all database point configurations, and application settings. The software includes editing tools for all database points, access control, control zones, system parameters, setup of advanced applications and station clone and point modeling features. The database editor displays the data in a tree structure, representing the complete network and allowing easy navigation for viewing or editing.

Key Features

The database editor includes features which will make it easy to create and modify the database such as:

  • Using the Station Cloning feature to create an entire new station and all its points, based on an existing station
  • Copying, cutting and pasting in the Windows environment
  • Using a model feature to create points and other database items that are based on previously created ones
  • Using a Station Rename feature to copy a portion of an existing display, and to reassign all those dynamic points to points in a different station, all in one operation
  • Editing or modifying the database on an MS Excel spreadsheet and importing it into the system real-time database
  • Deleting existing database points Deleting an entire station with all associated points

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