Strata Solar Services Selects SurvalentONE SCADA to Monitor and Control Solar Plants

Strata Solar Services Selects SurvalentONE SCADA to Monitor and Control Solar Plants

Integration of key sites will help Strata Solar Services meet time-sensitive service guarantees

BRAMPTON, ON April 3, 2019— Survalent Technology Corporation, a leading provider of advanced distribution management system (ADMS) software, today announced that Strata Solar Services has implemented SurvalentONE SCADA to provide centralized monitoring and control of NERC-regulated solar plants as well as those with time-sensitive service guarantees and megawatt thresholds. With SurvalentONE SCADA, Strata Solar Services will connect multiple plants into a single, integrated system that enables operators to efficiently monitor real-time telemetry data and control plant-level hardware, relays, and inverters.

Strata Solar develops, operates, and manages utility-scale, commercial and industrial solar photovoltaic systems. With more than 200 solar projects in operation across the U.S., Strata Solar is regularly ranked among the industry’s leading solar companies. The company’s Operations and Maintenance division—Strata Solar Services—manages the solar plants, providing real-time monitoring and control to optimize performance, maximize system output, and increase revenue. The team has experienced tremendous growth in the past two years, resulting in the need for an enterprise SCADA system that can pull data from geographically diverse locations into their new, NERC-compliant Network Operations Center.

“Before we implemented SurvalentONE SCADA, our operators went through a complex process to access each plant separately and look for data,” said Georgia Ditmore, Director of Operations for Strata Solar Services. “Our goal was to bring the data to them so they could efficiently monitor and control multiple plants within one system. Now, they can log in once to the Survalent platform and receive live data for all plants in an easily navigable platform.”

Strata Solar Services selected SurvalentONE SCADA because it offered the utility-specific functionality, flexibility, and scalability they wanted to dramatically increase the speed and simplicity of monitoring and controlling plants across a broad geography. Operators in the Network Operations Center can view real-time telemetry data and voltage trending charts, pull up images of local meters to check their status, monitor alarm feeds, and interact with breakers, inverters, and relays.

“The SurvalentONE platform is built for interoperability, which ensures that Strata Solar Services can quickly onboard new plants onto a centralized SCADA system,” said Steve Mueller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Survalent. “Our vendor-agnostic integration capabilities are a critical success factor for many of our customers as we allow the control center to share data and execute activities without replacing their existing infrastructure.”

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Strata Solar is a leading provider of utility-scale, commercial and industrial solar photovoltaic systems. Strata Solar has constructed over 1 gigawatt (GW) in total solar capacity and maintains a development pipeline of over 3GW. The company’s integrated approach, which includes development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, storage, operations and maintenance, allows Strata Solar to consistently build quality projects with long-term ownership in mind. Strata Solar is consistently ranked as one of the largest utility-scale solar integrators in the U.S. To learn more, visit

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