Littleton Electric Light Department   Our final system is the best by far. Survalent is a Windows based system that is well represented throughout New England. Because it is a Windows based system, it interfaces with all Microsoft applications easily. This a great bonus for reporting and trending. The configuration of stations, displays, etc looks to be painless. Every customer I have spoken with absolutely loves the customer support that they receive with Survalent. This system met our specification in every way, which makes me believe we will be able to grow and expand this system further down the road. Nick, Littleton Electric Light Department
London Hydro   The Survalent system is very user friendly and easy to configure. The staff is very responsive and knowledgeable - it was indeed a pleasure working with them. We found the transition with the two systems to be painless. With Survalent's expertise, we were able to complete the transition on time and under budget. Based on our experience with two systems, the solutions provided by Survalent are much simpler and easy to use. Their technology has worked without any glitches since the day it was commissioned and throughout the process we have received excellent technical support. Ed, London Hydro
Panama Canal Authority   Survalent Technology has shown high professionalism during the contract process, first during presentation of proposals on very demanding rules from our company and later in the execution of the project. They were able to adapt the system to our own specific needs without compromising the cost and performance of the project. We highly recommend Survalent for this and any other kind of project s related with systems automation. Enrique, Panama Canal Authority
Mishawaka Utilities   Today, we successfully completed the web server installation and connection to all our smart devices (iPads, iPhones, etc.). This wouldn't have been possible without Kashif's phenomenal support. He and I stayed well past quitting time yesterday to resolve a command sequence issue and today he was able to resolve transcription issues with the assistance of your excellent support staff. No matter what the issue, he was able to muster the resources necessary to address the issue in a timely and effective manner. Kashif's strong desire to get it right was evident in everything he did for us. We had some storms pass through our area today and the ability to use our mobile devices in the field to monitor our system's status proved invaluable. Really cool! Thank you for an excellent installation experience. Gordon Allen, Mishawaka Utilities
Riviera Utilities   I want to take time to commend Kosta from Survalent for all of his effort he put into this project so far. He has been very helpful with taking our needs and applying them to SCADA. He had some great ideas on things that may help us, and it was the kind of help we were looking for now and into the future. Kosta represented Survalent in a very professional manner 100% of the time that he was here. He used and managed his time very well at Riviera. We are very happy with the service he provided us. He is to be commended for a job well done. Jerry Bingham, Riviera Utilities
Hydro One Brampton   Thanks again for all the work, explanations, advice and assistance. The expertise and advice on our configuration is much appreciated. Your ability to anticipate our needs and help us avoid traps we wouldn't otherwise be aware of is invaluable to us. Glen, Hydro One Brampton
City of Longmont, Colorado   Just wanted to let you know, I appreciate all the upgrades you are working on. Your product just gets better and better. Matt, City of Longmont, Colorado
Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative   I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your Scout RTUs. We have 16 of 40 deployed in environmentally hostile conditions for over 2 years now. Temperatures reach 105 degrees F in the summer and -10 F in the winter. We have had no failures to date on any of these RTUs. This performance is outstanding. Thank you for creating such a reliable product. Jim, Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative
San Bernard Electric Cooperative   One of the reasons I went with Survalent in the first place was because of its excellent reputation for customer support. From what I have seen, it is well deserved. I look forward to using your system and knowing I am in good hands. Don, San Bernard Electric Cooperative